Engaging Virtual Games for Remote Teams

Explore our exciting range of Virtual Mystery Games tailored for remote teams. From Pub Trivia and Minute to Win It to Family Feud, and Game of Games, we have something to energize every team, no matter where you (or your team) are in the world!

Participants join our Virtual Games online, with all necessary materials provided in advance. These interactive activities are designed to promote teamwork and fun, ensuring an engaging experience for all.

Our expertly crafted Virtual Games are perfect for remote teams looking to bond and have fun. With customizable options and professional facilitation, we ensure a seamless and memorable experience!

Pub Trivia

Groups compete individually or on teams in five rounds, testing their knowledge of pop culture, current events, history, music, sports, and more!

Family Feud

Groups compete as teams in a simulation of the classic game show, complete with all the bells and whistles you remember! Survey says: fun!

Game of Games

A proprietary game consisting of four one-round mini-games built to get people interacting, talking, and connecting with each other! An experience like no other!

Minute to Win It

Players are mailed a Mystery Box that will use the enclosed items for various games throughout the event! Destined to be an instant classic!

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