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Corporate Team Bonding with Mystery Trip

For over 14 years, Mystery Trip has been the leader in crafting customized, experiential team-bonding events, surprising and delighting blue-chip companies across North America with our unique approach. Founded by a former HR executive, the mystery is none of the guests know what they’ll be experiencing until they get there, creating an organic opportunity for org charts to flatten and walls between people to come down.

Customized Team Bonding Experiences

Customized Team Bonding Experiences

Mystery Trips maximize your ROI by designing custom-made experiences tailored to your goals and your team’s unique personality."

It's All About the Mystery

It's All About the Mystery

With a Mystery Trip, you’ll know all about the trip, but your team won’t! This creates buzz and camaraderie before the event even starts.

Unforgettable Team Bonding Adventures

Unforgettable Team Bonding Adventures

Mystery Trips are specifically designed to organically bring your team together, and give them an unforgettable and completely unique experience!

What They’re Saying

Sometimes, the greatest business ideas have their roots in non-work-related life experiences. Such is the case with...Mystery Trip.


Had a great corporate team event last night...It was an energetic unique way to get the group together - everyone got to know each other better than a simple dinner reservation.


Forecast column: 8 New Ideas for Corporate Groups


We laughed, bonded, made memories and unanimously adored [the team]. I can't recommend this highly enough, it was a total blast. Viva La Mystery Trip!


The revolutionizing new way to take groups on an adventure.


I gave [them] a few pointers on who my team/company was and [they] came back with a fantastic itinerary that would work for everyone and their particular personalities.


Spark[s] group creativity and bonding from coast to coast


One of the very best days I had with my work family ever.


Doing a Mystery Trip opens the door to encourage team building...among people in the different teams of the company.


[Dave Green] is a person of great influence.

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