Big Mysteries. Small Groups.

We’ve taken our highest-rated trips of all time, and scaled them down so that they are ju-u-u-st right for groups of 2-10 fun-seeking people. These self-led adventures begin with only one piece of information: a previously undisclosed, designated meeting location. From there, you’ll receive texts with additional clues and instructions for fun (and oh-so mysterious) activities along the way.

Choose from one of four of L.A.’s most mysteriously awesome neighborhoods* as the setting for your miniMystery Trip. We’ll make sure that whatever you choose, your adventure lets you experience the best that area has to offer. Each trip includes two activities, a reservation at a cool restaurant, and, of course mystery.

We like to keep it casual with miniMystery Trips. Think: a button down shirt, jeans and sneakers for guys; jeans/pants/skirt and top for women. But maybe leave the stilettos at home (you too, fellas) because we do ask you to do a little walking (less than a mile) in the pursuit of some good, mysterious fun.

miniMystery Trips are $45/person, and the total running time of each is approximately 3-4 hours.

* Neighborhoods/itineraries will change approximately every three months.

miniMystery Trip
miniMystery Trip


1. Book the miniMystery Trip you want to do
(minimum 48 hours notice needed)

2. Stand by in anticipation

3. 24 hours before your miniMystery Trip, you will receive a text with your starting location

4. At precisely your start time, you will receive your first activity via text

5. 90 minutes later, you’ll receive the address of a nearby restaurant, which is holding a reservation for you

6. During dinner you’ll receive another text with the name of a cool bar nearby where you will celebrate the end of a great night out!

Take it Personally!

Interested in a customized trip for an extra-special occasion led by one of our fun, expert Mysterious Attaches? We can do that too! Packages start at $250 a person (4-10 participants). Email us for more details!