Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get mysterious

What’s Mystery Trip all about?

We are an experiential event planning company that introduces guests to some of the weirdest, fun, cool, undiscovered places and people in a city. Each trip is custom-made just for you and will never be replicated. We are based in Los Angeles, and have done events all over the country.

How is a Mystery Trip planned?

The process starts with an initial conversation with someone from Mysterious HQ team who will nimbly extract all the necessary information we’ll need to create the perfect trip for your group. Once you sign off on it, we book the entire event for you, including transportation, all activities and meals.

Wait…as the person planning the event, do I get to know what’s going on?

Absolutely! We have an intake call with you to understand the needs, goals and culture of your group to create a custom-built, completely original itinerary on which you will have final approval. Of course you know your group better than we do, so if something misses the mark on our proposal, we’ll come up with another suggestion.

Sound cool…so what else do I need to know?

A Mystery Trip generally lasts between 4-8 hours and consist of 3-4 stops. Alcohol is not provided, nor paid for by Mystery Trip, although you are more than welcome to bring drinks with you. The price of the event will completely depend on what activities your group does and for how long.

Anything else I should know about my trip?

About a week before the event, you will be receive a “Welcome to Mystery Trip” email to forward along to all of your guests. This will help answer questions they may have, allow them to let us know about any dietary and physical limitations, and most importantly, help them get excited for the big event!

Is Mystery Trip an adult-only event?

Absolutely not! We often do teen birthdays…

Are you telling us absolutely everything?

Not exactly.