YouTube Content EMEA Partnership Team

Creating an Experience That’s Sure to “Go Viral.”

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YouTube Content EMEA Partnership Team, the people responsible for maintaining relationships with YouTube creators in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


When you have a team composed of individuals from all over the globe where do you find common ground? And while you are looking for that sweet spot, how do you create camaraderie among this group of diverse professionals, and organize an experience so memorable that all the participants will want to post it … on YouTube, of course? (Oh, and, by the way, they have already had a tour of Abbey Road Studios in London, so, yeah, no pressure.)


Mystery Solved

The world doesn’t seem like such a big place when you’re heading toward the stars. That’s why our first step was up, as we hit the trails on a nature-among-the-city hike to the iconic Griffith Observatory. The only thing more spectacular than the view overlooking our sprawling city? 45 international travellers sharing the same perspective. But because we wanted to top that whole Abbey Road thing, we decided the next stop would be Henson Studios. We provided the technology, the sound engineers and even the voice coaches to allow these folks from all over the world to recreate their version of “We Are the World” — right there where the original was recorded and made musical history. Oh yes, and we did have a videographer on hand to capture the whole thing; every emotion-filled close-up, closed-eye solo, and arm-in-arm swaying moment. And that’s how you say, “being treated like a rock star,” in every language.

The Finished Product