Getting Cloud Dwellers Out of Their Seats.

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Steelhouse, pioneers of a cloud-based advertising platform that gives customers complete control, access to marketing channels, and delivers audience, creative, and performance – all from one beautiful user interface.


Here’s a simple riddle: What do you get when you subject an entire organization to a full morning of (totally necessary and valuable, but not always entertaining) departmental presentations followed by a (perfectly adequate, but not so memorable) catered lunch? The answer: yawns. Here’s a more challenging one: How do you give that same group of creative, innovative, and not-easily-impressed advertising and marketing professionals a game-changing, crowd-pleasing, team-building experience without ever leaving the event space you have booked until that evening?

Mystery Solved

You know what people who create groundbreaking technology to solve real-world problems think is fun? Apparently, the answer is using their intelligence and ingenuity to solve truly inconsequential dilemmas, and overcome downright silly challenges. We broke everyone up into teams to compete in our Mystery Trip Academic Pentathlon. It began with an Egg Drop challenge, having them work together to build just the right apparatus for delivering an egg safely to the ground. You wouldn’t believe what you can build with just spaghetti, a Styrofoam cup, and a couple of marshmallows. Next came the pub trivia, and then a Let’s Make a Deal-inspired random item check (we’re still not sure why that one guy had a toothbrush in his pocket?). Our Minute to Win It Games got everyone up and active. What really gave their hearts a good workout though was helping underprivileged kids living in South Los Angeles by decorating pencil cases and filling them with the school supplies these students need the most. It was a great afternoon that proved that while everybody benefits from professional development, you don’t have to take it sitting down.