Dave & Busters

Giving Them a Turn to Play

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Dave & Buster’s, a family-friendly chain offering a sports-bar-style setting for American food and arcade games.


So here’s the question, how do you take a group of senior managers from all over the area — some experienced, some with just one day under their belt, some who know each other, some who have never met — and bring them together, to bond in a constructive way, in just one day in Los Angeles? Oh, and you also have to make sure to show them a good time, knowing that “eat, drink, play games and have fun” is literally their slogan?


Mystery Solved

To bring these 13 fun experts together, we appealed to their love of sports by treating them to a behind-the-scenes tour of Dodger Stadium that would make any true-blue fan feel like a champ. Then it was on to lunch at L.A. landmark Philippe’s, home of the original French dipped sandwich. And because we know nothing brings people together better than some friendly team vs. team competition, we sent the group on a customized scavenger hunt through Chinatown. But the real bonding experience happened while dropping a full floor on the all-glass Skyslide. Just as there are no atheists in a foxhole, there are no strangers at the top of a 1,000-foot precipice when it’s time to let go! And to ensure a sweet end to a great day, everyone got a treat from Peddlers, the people who choose to churn their artisan ice cream by bicycle power. Now tell me that doesn’t beat a day of “trust falls,” and “getting-to-know-you” exercises.